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Friday's Fabulous Finds - Home Good for under $100.

Chairs - Online Interior Design! On the blog for this week are the Shell Side Chairs for $64.99 from from All Modern Furniture They are available in an assortment of colors and look great with all types of tables wood and glass. You can purchase a few without breaking the bank.

Suzanne Falk Interior Design

Stay up to date with colors and styles for fall. October officially means I can finally bring out the warm burgundy reds, golden yellows, and chocolately browns that compliment the autumn season so well! Paint with style with us at Interior Designs 2Go. All furnishings from retails stores and to name a few.

Friday's Fabulous Finds - Home Goods for under $100.00

Hand Crafted Art Blocks: I absolutely love the Art Blocks from Cedar Mountain Studios. They are handcrafted wooden blocks made to adorn your walls. The goal of the artists who create the blocks want you to stop, read, ponder, and laugh. Each block is uniquely designed in their studio. You can purchase them at The Large blocks are (6.75" x 6.75") $45.00 each and the small blocks are (3.7/8" x 3. 7/8") $25.00 each.

Friday's Fabulous Finds - Pillows for Fall

Fall is my favorite season! I love fall and it's difficult not to buy every pillow that I see in burgundy red, sage green, golden yellow, and chocolate brown. You can find pillows in all these colors for under $100.00 at,,,,

Friday's Fabulous Finds - Home Goods for under $100.00

Faux flowers from Crate & Barrel Today I went on a search for faux flowers for my fall vases and hands down Crate & Barrel has the best selection. They start at $10.95 - $14.95 per stem and they mix well with their new selection of ceramic vases that range anywhere between $12.93- $29.95. You can get multiple vases with plenty of flowers!!!

Friday's Fabulous Finds - Home Accessories for under $100.00

One of my favorite accessories for this fall is the Skull Glass jar from This adorable and scary jar is $59.00. It looks great piled on top of a stack of my favorite books "Glamorous by George"

Friday's Fabulous Finds - Home Accessories for under $100.00!

Tray Chic...Laquer or Lucite! Trays are one of my favorite accessories. They are functional and can look chic with multiple pieces piled on. They always look fabulous with my morning coffee! White Lacquer Tray West Elm $34.00 and Orange Lucite Tray COCOCOZY $85.00

Friday's Fabulous Finds - Home Accessories for under $100.00

Hanging Glass Vases:

In honor of Mothers Day, Friday’s Fabulous Finds are all about hanging glass vases. They can be added to any room and are easy to hang and easy to fill. A great accent in a bedroom, entryway, bathroom, anywhere! You can find them at CB2, Arhaus, Etsy, and Amazon around $24.00 each.

Friday's Fabulous Finds - Home Accessories for under $100.00

Faux Animal Wall Art! Who doesn't love a cute plastic creature hanging from the wall painted white, gold, blue, green, rainbow? These fabulous finds are popping up all over. They come in small ($48.00) large ($89.00) and painted (price varies). You can find them at Amazon, Z Gallerie, Etsy, and