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Reupholstering Kitchen Chairs! Before - Yuk....................After - Ahhhh

Tools you will need: 1) Staple Gun ($19.99) 2) Fabric (2 1/2 yds for 6 chairs) This fabric was $9.99 yd from Joanne Fabric 3) Phillips screw driver Upholstering a cushion is so easy as long as you know how to use a stapler!

Step 1) Remove cushion from chair Step 2) Wrap fabric around chair and staple Step 3) Reattach cushion to chair HAVE FUN!

Friday's Fabulous Finds - Home Accessories for under $100.00

One of my favorite accessories for this fall is the Skull Glass jar from This adorable and scary jar is $59.00. It looks great piled on top of a stack of my favorite books "Glamorous by George"